Anais Nin - Delta of Venus

So... a few while ago, I was reading DELTA OF VENUS, a collection of erotic short stories written back in the 40s by French author, Anais Nin. Stop snickering, this is serious literature, not smut, nor porn. Amazingly, I cannot remember most of the actual plots in the short stories, I guess it's because everything were pretty much erotic stories, so all of those sex scenes just kinda mixed and blurred in my mind, becoming one whole pool of, er, sex scenes. However, they aren't the kind of rubbish you read in, say, or something, nope, they are all well-written, poetic stuff, which unsurprisingly made critics hail her as the finest examples of female erotica.

Reading this is kinda like watching a porn film, but imagine a porn film that is well acted, has something of a plot (no generic 'random pizza guy accidentally walking into couple having sex and gets to join in', or 'regular bloke meets sexed up new neighbour', or 'two chicks who are seemingly normal friends become naughty after having a raunchy conversation' stuff) and has an arty feel, where the characters, while going at it, will pause suddenly and convey a range of complex emotions upon their faces that would bag them Oscar nominations, accompanied by deep and sensitive voiceovers. Yeah, it's tasteful, it has lesbian stuff too, I fell asleep reading it, hey, when you are assaulted by one sex scene after another, you'll feel numb too.

On the other hand, there's a 1995 film directed by Zalman King based on the book.

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