Xiaxue Probed Me.

Xiaxue Probed Me
Xiaxue Probed Me 2
Xiaxue Probed Me 3

Many thanks to Miss Dawn Yang and Miss Wendy Cheng, who remain oblivious to the existence of this blog. Unfortunately.

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  1. Dang Justin. You forgot to say the magic words in your cracker stuff. XP XP XP

  2. edmund yea...



  3. Hey dude, I just checked out Forced Labour! That was so cool! Great effort! but what's the ending? I liked the part where u inserted the random scene talking about Karen's past in between the pregnant gangster's labour. I'm not an expert on films, but i recall seeing this technique in several french films like Amelie and A Very Long Engagement. Was that a tribute to the french cinema?

    keep up the good work mate, for all i know, i could be staring at who's gonna be asia's answer to tarantino! =)

  4. Virgin Undergrad: Thanks for your comments. Nah, wasn't really a true tribute to French cinema, but I guess there might be some influences from them.

  5. kekekeke..by the time I look at that guy 2nd picture donno why laugh none stop.He really very funny lei...kekekeke

  6. I know. He just has this special effect on people.

  7. Dawn is so fine.
    Makes me wanne buy a whole bag of doggie biscuits and feed her puppies.


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