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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Things That Happened To Swifty Whilst In The Plane Back To Malaysia.

Been a hectic day. But I've finally reached Malaysia at last.

Starting to pack just the day before your flight is an insane thing to do, the whole day just went by in a flash. Came back with a Japanese friend of mine, Maiko, (she's gonna spend a week in Malaysia, and then another week in Singapore before returning to Kyoto) tagging along, which is a surreal experience, seriously.

Our luggages weren't supposed to surpass 30kg per person, my luggage was piled with magazines I've collected over the year (Slam magazine, Wired magazine, Electronic Gaming Monthly, and Empire magazine, oh, and some graphic and webdesign related ones), and the 200+ DVDs I've burnt over the year as well. Thankfully, I clocked only 27kg (whilst Maiko had 30kg from her huge ass suitcase, which brought us to a combined total of 57kg, still less than 60kg for us both, phew) Unfortunately, we ended up having insanely heavy handcarried stuff, our backpacks probably weighed more than 10kg each (mine had my laptop, 10 DV tapes, 200 gig external harddrive, Steven Erikson's 900+ page book Midnight Tides and THE COMPLETE WORKS OF WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE... how oh, how did I manage to cram them all in a backpack was a miracle).

Things that happened in the plane.

  • Dozed off as the plane took off.
  • Woke up to watch 'Bob the Butler' starring Tom Green and Brooke Shields. Mindless insipid comedy with some sentimental parts (in a TOM GREEN film????), it's crap, but I still sat through it.
  • Watched the ending of Stealth. Hmm, had pretty cool effects. But it DID seem like a rip-off of the anime Macross Plus.
  • Had shitty plane food (puke-inducing beef with pasta). Oh well, at least they came with ice-cream though.
  • Waited for eons to use the toilet. Some dude went in there for 20 minutes, I doubt anyone would take a shit that long. An elderly Aussie woman started doubting that there was a person in there, started pushing the door and such, alas, the dude was indeed in there. It was a good thing I've achieved high training which allowed me to control my bowels well.
  • Nothing to watch anymore. Bored. Whipped out my laptop and started writing another 1000 words for NaNoWriMo (reached 42000 words). Maiko was watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the white chick beside me seemed mildly interested as she started peering at what I was writing.
  • Kept the laptop, took a nap. Woke up, Maiko had just finished Chocolate Factory. KL could be seen below, plane was about to land, Maiko started napping. I began a conversation with the white gal beside me, turned out that she's a Brit whose gonna stop in KL for a night before flying back to London. We spoke about Shakespeare (no kidding) when she asked what I was studying for the semester, and well, turned out that she's a chef! Told me she's an all-rounder who could cook all kinda stuff. I was intrigued, but the conversation was cut short when a cabin attendant asked her to move to the First Class as she was travelling by herself, and she's allowed to leave first. Boo.
  • Plane landed.
  • Parents and sis picked us up. We introduced the joys of mamak stalls to Maiko.

Now, some random notes:

  • Can anyone provide me the actual URL to Mu Mu's blog so I can see what's the fuss all about?
  • Made a phone call to a friend in Sydney who will return to Malaysia two days from now. We are planning to develop something major. Soon. I tremble with excitement.
  • My computer is officially fucked up beyond description.
  • I continue worrying about NaNoWriMo.
  • HOLY SHIT! Pat Morita had just passed away. I liked all those Karate Kid films, including Karate Kid 3. As for er, the one with Hilary Swank in it, let's just take comfort that at least it has a future 2-time Oscar-winner in it. R. I. P. Mr. Miyagi. He was 73. (I've thought that he was older than that...)
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