The Dawn Yang Saga

This is NOT a Dawn Yeo (or Dawn Yang) fansite. But then, people searching for her via search engines or Technorati tend to end up here. Dawn definitely contributes to a substantial amount of my daily traffic.

It all began back in October 2005, as nothing more than a simple stunt meant to amuse Justin and I, along with some of our readers. I came up with this idea of doing a few webcomics that has her in it after I stumbled into her site. And we did. But not too long after that, Dawn found out about this, and instead of throwing a hissy fit and sending assassin ninjas after us, she surprisingly returned the favour. And thus, my shenanigans were forever immortalized on her website.

So yeah, might as well create a page for her too so that people who stumbled upon this site for their daily Dawn dosage know where to go. The following are the comics with Dawn in it. I have to say that the end results of our rather weird collaboration are rather... interesting. But no, I don't think there will be anymore for the time being since our collaborative process had came to a premature end. Dawn's busy pursuing a career as an artiste (good luck, my dear) since being signed up by a talent company whilst I continue embarking upon the perilious path of filmmaking.

Unless we end up making a film together in the future...