I rediscover meaning in Friendster. Dawn Yang is not happy.

I have long made my transition from Friendster to Myspace, knowing that the latter is a better tool for me to achieve my evil, dastardly scheme. After all, most people have already been using Myspace as a marketing tool, the successes of Flickr, Youtube and Photobucket had a lot to do with Myspace users using their services.

What reason is there for me to remain in Friendster? Except for the fact that many of my old classmates from high school and college are using it? And what's the point even if they're there when my presence on their friends list is nothing more than an ornament? I don't see long-time friends messaging me, asking me how I am, begging to watch the short films I've completed. In fact, there's really not much for me to do in Friendster. Thus I went to Myspace, more users, more options, and hell, the best part of it is the number of indie musicians who are there (and also celebrities).

Once again, I'll evaluate the pros and cons of Friendster (which, to be fair, is actually enjoying a minor revival of sorts in recent weeks) and Myspace.

  • Friendster has a lot of babes. Yeah. But Myspace probably has more since its total amount of members is 3-4 times of Friendster's.
  • Friendster has more Asian users. I think.
  • Myspace has more celebrities, perfect for stargazers like me. (I have Kevin Smith, Tyra Banks, NBA players Ben Gordon and Jamal Crawford on my list, along with many others),
  • Myspace is a better place for me to look for indie musicians.
  • Myspace is seriously a better marketing platform compared to Friendster, being one of the most-visited sites in the world.
  • Myspace has more aspiring filmmakers whom I can network with.
  • The real Dawn Yang is in Friendster.

Then, I found 'her'.

And then...

Along with...

It was a brief moment in Friendster, all I had was a fleeting glimpse of her, but it was enough to last me for an eternity.

I know not who she is, neither do I know her real name. All I had was a link to her Friendster page . Had we but world enough, and time,
This coyness, lady, were no crime...

We would sit down and think which way
To walk, and pass our long love's day..."

... eh? What the-!

Dawn Yang in shades

OMG! WTF! Dawn!! How come you're here?

Er, wait, Dawnie-poo, don't be mad, let me explain... it's just that, you were gone for so long, and I was alone for so long, so that I ended up, er...

Dawn Yang is pissed

Uh oh... *whimpers*

(by the way, here's my Myspace profile and Friendster profile)