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Friday, January 11, 2008

I Acted In This Sunday's NTV7 Telemovie CINTA TIGA SEGI. Watch it!

Although I call myself the Great Swifty and claim that I have a legion of imaginary female fans, I'm really a modest man, so I didn't really mention this earlier.

But yes, aside from working behind-the-scenes, I do have a role in the telemovie, CINTA TIGA SEGI, as Mr. Yee, a sadistic asshole of an apartment tenant giving one of our protagonists a hard time.

You thought Tony Leung's Mr Yee in LUST, CAUTION was evil? Wait til you see MY Mr. Yee, in which I was given the challenge to convey my character's sadism and his multilayered with mere facial expressions and subtle actions instead of spoken words (Mr. Yee is so cold that he barely speaks)

Although I won't appear until the 43-minute mark.... and won't appear again after the 44-minute mark, I'm sure it's another step forward in fulfilling my budding dreams of becoming an actor. Hell, I even fattened up for the role, talk about dedication, baby.

My subtle performance was patterned after the great and highly underrated Mr. Steven Seagal.

(View the CINTA TIGA SEGI film trailers here and here.)

Steven Seagal Emotion Chart

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