Utterly Bored with Everything - Resigning from Blogging?

I apologize for the relative lack of updates recently. I think the interview with Quentin S. Crisp contained all of my thoughts on everything; consequently I've been content to leave it at that. And, moving to Japan has taken up most of my time.

'Bridge To Terabithia' is misunderstood (thanks to its misleading marketing campaign)

I am awed by the marketing tactics used for Bridge To Terabithia . The trailer (which didn't really impressed me that much, frankly) made this seem as if it's a fluffy adventure fantasy film where two kids went into some fantastical magical world, encountering all kinds of wonders, getting into battles to save this land. And then, lots of emphasis about this film being from the producers of Narnia. To my horror, this film is FAR from what it is advertised to be.

The Pursuit of Happyness

When the credits of The Pursuit of Happyness started rolling, everyone in the cinema begun applauding.

NTV7 The Breakfast Show is good for health

In order to thank me for that Playboy bunny I sent him for his birthday, Swifty has allowed me to publicize my TV appearance on his blog! Well, this is my first TV appearance so I suppose you can watch it just to see me embarass myself. But hey, at least I embarassed myself on national TV!=. -_- That just sounds so wrong. Date: Monday, March 12 Time: I'll arrive in the studio at 8.30am, so it will probably start at 9am or later. Channel : NTV7 Duration: 10 minutes Venue: Television Dress code: Pyjamas, or nothing at all (hey, you don't call it Breakfast Show for nothing) And Swifty, please, please, please help me record this. I know asking a movie director to record an insignificant TV appearance is a little too much, but then I'll just send you another Playboy bunny to repay you back lor okay? Or maybe one of those people watching the TV naked...

300 is a film of sheer manliness

Just came back from seeing 300 , which is based on Frank Miller's graphic novel that I haven't read.

VIDEO: Happy Birthday To Me! Swifty Plays The Piano

On 6th of March, 1984. I was born. Happy birthday to me. I love you all. Decided to film myself playing the piano (yes, I used to play the piano) just because I wanted to do something I've never done before during my birthday.

Prefer the J-dorama version of Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu いま会いにゆきます over the film version

I've recently fallen in love with Mimura. And I think it had to do with the Japanese dorama, Ima Ai ni Yukimasu .

Utada Hikaru REALLY Filed For Divorce...

She fulfilled my prophecy in my infamous April Fool prank back in 2003 . Now I feel bad.

Screenshots of my short film, Girl Disconnected, on The Malay Mail!

On today's Malay Mail:

ROCKY BALBOA could be my favourite Rocky sequel (behind ROCKY 4)

Rocky Balboa , believe it or not, was a major childhood hero of mine, him, along with Spider-man, Raphael of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the one turtle who seemed to rebel against everything the other three seemed to believe blindly in), and maybe er... Son Gohan of Dragon Ball Z (a person constantly living in his father's shadow). Even as a child, I related more to the underdogs, the rebels, or the social outcasts, and in some ways, these childhood heroes, with profound influence upon me as a child, shaped me into becoming what I am now. Whoa.

Thoughts on Oscars 2007

Right, I'm a couple of days late, sorry about the lack of updates. I've been busy playing Final Fantasy 12 like a possessed madman, weeping like a Taiwanesehousewife while watching the dorama version of Ima ai ni yukimasu and falling asleep on the sofa trying to reignite my artistic fire, thus I hadn't had the time to post that much, hence asking my sister to post a few more of her kiddie pictures as distraction. One reason why I didn't come up with my Oscar predictions this year is, well, I didn't manage to watch most of the nominated films, and even though I know whom the hot favourites were, I felt that it would be pointless if my predictions were same as everyone else's. No chance for me to predict some based on my own gut feelings (although for a while, I started thinking that maybe Little Miss Sunshine would actually take it all, instead of my earlier pick, The Departed based on its momentum).