Saying Farewell To Dawn Yang. XiaXue Is Pissed. Guestblogger Justin Is Happy.

I have wondered about the crazy flood of hits I've been getting during the past night. It was strange, did fantasy author Robin Hobb unleash her band of merry fans upon Guestblogger Justin for his brilliant rebuttal against her fanfic rant? Or have all my female fans appeared in unison to cheer for me during my daily NanoWriMo progress report?

Those DID happen, but it turned out that most came here via search engines whilst searching for Dawn Yang, which surprised me verily. Have people found out about our illicit love affair couple of years ago? And that they've decided to come here wanting my ass?

I didn't find out until today from Suanie's blog (I was getting hits from her place, thus I was curious) that something else happened.

Some of you may know that not too long ago, Dawn Yang did a webcomic with me in it, in response to the webcomics I did with her in it. She ended up winning my 'Chubby Cheeks contest', to the dissatisfaction of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and some other dead guys. However, after what happened, I decided to reevaluate the her webcomic, and I came to realize what she was trying to say. (Her comic had been taken down from her blog by imageshack due to the exceeding of bandwidth, so click here instead. And no, you didn't read that wrong, the link is to a webcomic done by Dawn Yang herself)

It was deep. Lots of stuff going on between the lines that she was trying to convey in that comic:

Fly back to Mars = Score an artiste management contract

Her scary-side like that Species alien = The possibility of her acting in huge-budget alien films. (But hopefully with Sigourney Weaver's career, not Natasha Henstridge's.)

Of course, some old dude, before he got shot, told me that with great power comes great responsibility, and Dawnie-poo's shot to stardom will mean that she is unable to read this blog much anymore. And thus her webcomic shifted to a wistful and somber mood, lamenting about the sacrifices she has to make.

Congrats, my dear, here's another webcomic for you before you reach superstardom, done Casablanca-style.

The Great Swifty Says Goodbye To Dawn Yang 1

The Great Swifty Says Goodbye To Dawn Yang 2

The Great Swifty Says Goodbye To Dawn Yang 3

(Go read the other Dawn Yang webcomics)

Well, dearie, once you have grown tired of torching aliens in big-budget films, and want to appear in some thought-provoking low-budget indie films worthy of international acclaim, you know which filmmaker to look for.

And special thanks to Miss Wendy Cheng, who knows not the existence of this blog. All joking aside, I find it highly ironic that, of all people, Xiaxue was one of the rare few who understood what I was trying to say in this entry of mine, about my personal fear of being labeled as a 'blogger'.