Dawn Yang's Boyfriend. EXPOSED!!!

Dawn Yang is going out with The Great Swifty?

After months of speculation about her romantic entanglements, it is finally revealed that the famed Dawn Yeo (or Dawn Yang) is secretly going out...

.... with notorious Malaysian writer filmmaker Edmund Yeo, who happens to own the website you're reading.

(3 years after this was written, Edmund Yeo would end up directing an award-winning Japanese-language short film that was selected for competition in the Venice Film Festival 2009, KINGYO)

KINGYO trailer

She is also slated to appear in Edmund Yeo's upcoming post-apocalyptic sci-fi martial arts epic. He is impressed with her diligence during martial arts lessons, she is impressed by his filmmaking genius. In fact, they both enjoy such a wonderful professional relationship that she agreed to participate in my April Fools Joke. What a wonderful lass.

... or maybe she didn't actually agree to participate at all.

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