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I always win shampoos in lucky draws

Two nights ago, I went to this Happy event held at Cafe Libre with Erna and Suanie . Was an interesting experience cos I finally met Kimberlycun (the original inspiration for the CHINOFIER gadget that appeared in my latest short, From Bhol Le With Love ) and KY in person after first knowing of their names and blogs for many years. And then to meet all these fellow Murdoch/KDU alumni, hah, small world. And here's a photo of me winning a shampoo from the movie trivia. I ended up winning two shampoos that night, I'm happy to know that I don't have to shop for shampoos anymore. Winning my first shampoo. Wonderful. Smashpop watches from behind. More wacky photos by the wonderful photographer Louis (damn, dude, update your site) can be found in David's post . Personally, I think my photo is awesome. Any photos of me with the other shampoo? Posting will resume to normal with Part 3 of my 'How I Made A Short Film With A Nokia N95' series or one of my man

Jason Reitman's JUNO

Now that the Oscar nominations have announced, I've been trying my best to catch all films nominated in the Best Picture category via all means since not all are screened in Malaysia.

Photos from KURUS Press Conference

(UPDATED on July 5th, 2016) The entire film is here I attended the press conference and screening of KURUS yesterday at the KL branch of Limkokwing University. Not much to say for now, just some photos to share.

How I Made A Short Film With Nokia N95 (Part 2)

Part 1 is here . 14th of January, 2008. Arriving at the location of the shoot, which was the REACH PUBLISHING office, home of the PC.COM Magazine, I started surveying the office space, finding the appropriate place to shoot the video. Not an easy task since it was still a normal work day for the REACH PUBLISHING employees. "I'm going to be your one-woman crew." Erna announced, hauling a bag of props that I've asked her to buy for me. I examined the contents, ensuring everything I needed was there.

Chewxy's WEB OF LIES Premiere Party

Currently typing this from my hotel in Singapore, hence the lack of updates. Arrived on Friday, returning today. Despite initial misgivings and the fact that I come here often, two nights in Singapore just ain't enough! (Nonetheless, I still managed to buy many books!) A night before I went to Singapore, Chewxy threw a premiere party for his debut (live-action) short film, WEB OF LIES that he made last July before leaving for Australia. I'm still credited as the producer of this 25-minute short film despite the fact that I was only involved in its preproduction (helping Chewxy with his auditions and rehearsals). After that, I experienced some schedule clashing as preproduction of the telemovie CINTA TIGA SEGI (recently broadcasted on NTV7) started just when Chewxy and co begun their 3-day marathon shoot.

RIP Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger (1979-2008) When I woke up early this morning, I saw that my MSN window was flashing with Sebastian's message. (My laptop is placed on my bed beside me most of the time when I sleep) Did you hear? I was one of the first to read about the news on Cinematical . Groggily, I typed 'yes', assuming that he was referring to the announcement of the Oscar nominations , but swiftly, I clicked on my Firefox live bookmark to see the Cinematical RSS feed. And knew immediately that he was referring to Heath Ledger's sudden death , either of accidental overdose or suicide.

How I Made A Short Film With Nokia N95 (Part 1)

This is a chronicle of the video I made for the Magazine Awards Night held last Friday at KL Tower .

CLOVERFIELD by Matt Reeves

Here we go, the first potential Hollywood blockbuster hit of 2008. Cloverfield, thanks to viral marketing, and also having its intriguing trailer placed before last year's Transformers in US theaters, had swiftly became a much-anticipated film for many (myself included).

First Time At KL Tower In 10 Years To Attend the 8th Product Awards Night

The last time I visited KL Tower was nearly 10 years ago, for my 14th birthday. Dinner with family and my best fat buddy. We dined at the revolving restaurant, it was a magical night for the atmosphere and joy, but because the food weren't spectacular, I never really thought of going back. So I didn't.

Making the opening video for Awards Night

Sorry for the lack of updates. Been making the opening video for this Friday's PC.COM Magazine Awards Night. Shot it on Monday and Tuesday and in the midst of editing it. Posting will resume to normal when I think I'm free enough. And I might post the video on Youtube if it's a hit. For now, just wish me luck.

[OPEN THREAD] Cinta Tiga Segi telemovie

Open thread for the telemovie, CINTA TIGA SEGI. Leave your comments, complaints, compliments, questions below.

Why Watch tonight's CINTA TIGA SEGI: One third of it went to major international film festivals. You view it for free.

One of the three segments of tonight's telemovie, CINTA TIGA SEGI, was extracted and turned into a short film called BLUE ROOF (which I've mentioned before ). BLUE ROOF had its world premiere at last year's PUSAN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, the largest film festival in Asia, and will also be showing at the ROTTERDAM INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL end of this month. (... along with a couple of film festivals that I will announce in the near future) Aside from that, the short film will screen at the Malaysian Shorts in HELP UNIVERSITY on the 21st of January. However, CINTA TIGA SEGI will provide a definite, conclusive ending for BLUE ROOF that wasn't available in the actual short film. So even if you've seen the short film, you STILL need to catch this film, tonight on NTV7, 10:45pm. (UPDATED 14th of March, 2016)

Awesome Photo Stills from CINTA TIGA SEGI, An Important TV Event In Malaysia!

The stills from CINTA TIGA SEGI are very awesome. This upcoming TV movie stars Juliana Ibrahim, Gambit Saifullah, Isma Husein, Chew Kinwah, Razif Hashim, Azman Hassan.

CINTA TIGA SEGI is airing on NTV7 at 10:45pm this Sunday

A major TV event.

Goodbye, Zhao Lao Shi

I was at the Ipoh Specialist Centre visiting my grandmother (still recovering from the injury she suffered after an attack by snatch thieves ) last night when I received a surprise phone call from an old classmate bearing bad news.


Knew that I have to kick things into gear as soon as possible if I really wanted my new short film, CHICKEN RICE MYSTERY to happen, so I've begun my attempts of casting. Made a phone call to Nikki of Da Huang last night pleading for help to spread the news about the casting, and then posted a notice at and the Malaysian Cinema mailing list this morning. Here's the notice:

Discussing the "Gone Baby Gone" Ending

GONE BABY GONE is Ben Affleck's directorial debut. As an actor, his career decisions have left many shaking heads in disapproval. Until this very day, the mere mention of PEARL HARBOUR would make me grimace in disgust, and I still have frustrating high school memories of classmates and schoolmates telling me that 'the film wasn't so bad, hee hee hee', or Sebastian claiming that Pearl Harbor would have been nominated for Best Pic Oscar if it weren't for 9/11. I wanted to scream "AAAAAAAARGH! WHAT'S SO [EXPLETIVE CENSORED] GOOD ABOUT THE [EXPLETIVE CENSORED] FILM? ARE YOU [EXPLETIVE CENSORED] KIDDING THE [EXPLETIVE CENSORED] OUT OF ME?", but I was much mellower then, so I merely suffered from teenage angst, nothing more.

10 Most-viewed Posts of 2007

Happy new year, you all. Here are the top ten most-viewed posts of 2007.