20 Most Popular Keywords of this website

Pardon the lack of updates. Been tweaking my blog (I figured out a way to stop it from looking like crap on Internet Explorer) and making some plans for my upcoming short film.

For the time being, check out the twenty most popular Swifty, Writing keywords in 2007 (based on Google Analytics)

1) dawn yang
2) twins mission
3) dawn yang boyfriend
4) swifty
5) ayumi hamasaki secret
6) quizzies
7) utada hikaru divorce
8) izumi sakai
9) jolin chai
10) confession of pain
11) koda kumi black cherry
12) dawn yeo
13) poem explanations
14) xialanxue
15) yuriko koike
16) most beautiful language
17) curse of the golden dragon
18) girl disconnected
19) koda kumi
20) caroline lufkin

My observations:

Dawn Yang reigns supreme
- By occupying number 1, 3 and 12, Dawn Yang's presence in this blog is still pretty strong, and reinforces her reign as the unofficial mascot here. In fact, Lots of people wanted to find out about her 'boyfriend'. *sigh* Dawn and I, we were great together, but we've broken up long ago, it was a messy breakup, she couldn't stand my snoring nor my megalomania. Despite her constant sobbing, it really wasn't her fault, it's really about me.

- Lots of people searching for Twins Mission. I'm not sure whether it's for the horribe HK film, or is it also a title for a lesbian porno. Otherwise, I remain baffled by their sheer popularity...

- Maybe this blog DOES need some guestwriters willing to write Jpop reviews considering the popularity of Jpop-related searches. Anyone interested?

- 'curse of the golden dragon' is a popular typo for 'curse of the golden flower'.

- I'm surprised that my own little-seen short film, Girl Disconnected, is ranked in the top 20.

- I'm mortified that 'edmund yeo' is ranked number 40.