*sigh* Dawn Yang and I Are Irrevocably Linked.

Dawn YangMy blog traffic hit an all-time high yesterday.

I didn't notice anything special in the morning at first, aside from seeing that there were numerous Google hits on my 2005 Dawn Yang-related entries. Suddenly reminded of those Dawn Yang webcomics that Justin and I did long ago (which were mostly broken for more than a year because I didn't bother to renew the server where the comics were stored), I began resurrecting some of the comics by putting them on Flickr instead.

So far, I have gotten 'Swifty and Justin Discover Dawn Yang', Romantic Pairing Between Dawn Yang and I = Incest?', 'My Farewell To Dawn Yang' and 'Xiaxue Probed Justin' to work again.

There's also Dawn Yang's little answer to our joke (she has an ironic sense of humour herself).

By noon, I already knew that my blog was on pace to surpass its previous traffic record (set just a day before), which left me even more intrigued, since most of the hits I got were for Dawn Yang-related entries. Why were people suddenly Googling for her again?

I followed some of my traffic sources, and finally found out the reason. A Chinese news site had just reported (in Chinese, obviously) about this particular post Dawn wrote on Star Blog regarding the Edison Chen Photo Scandal. Aside from illustrating a previous personal encounter with Edison on MSN, Dawn also pointed in her article that the whole sordid affair should serve as a cautionary tale for innocent young girls. I haven't had much to say about the scandal, but I'm beginning to feel that the women in the nude photos have just as much to blame as Edison, since the photos WERE taken with their consent.

Of course, I initially wanted to insert another lame joke that Dawn's veiled diss of Edison had a lot to do with our clandestine affair, but let's face it, that's stale. I guess I merely felt a mild bemusement that even though two years have passed, and Dawn and I have walked separated paths, with me embarking upon my own budding filmmaking and producing career, I can't seem to run away from my past.

No matter what, this blog and Dawn Yang are irrevocably linked.

... shit.

P.S. Maybe the best closure to this entire thing is for us both to make a parody of the following videos:

Sarah Silverman is f@cking Matt Damon

Jimmy Kimmel is f@cking Ben Affleck

Elizabeth Banks is f**king Seth Rogen

Inviting her to do this will make me no different from Edison.

But I'm human too, why must I be different?