Modesty is dead

No time to provide a lengthy update for you guys on the kingyo (my new Japanese film) shoot. But things are smooth, except for the bloody weather. Couldn't do a magic hour scene (another one of those scenes where you see a person sitting by the lake/ river/ pond/ sea during the sunset... you almost see that in all my films)

But maybe you'll get a vague idea of my own speculation of my film from a Facebook chat conversation that occurred just now with Dawn Yang. It started when I misread her FB status...

Dawn Yang
(Facebook status: Dawn Yang... is CNN Live now for a most amazing historical inauguration. "OBAMA!)

11:40am Edmund
I misread your Facebook status
and thought you wrote
Dawn Yang is ON CNN LIVE now

11:41am Dawn
Yes for being the most retardo person alive presently ;o)

11:41am Edmund
no! i am retarder!
latter is a better word

11:43am Dawn
incorporate it into one of your scripts

11:43am Edmund
i will!
man, my new film is going to be even more masterpiecer than my previous ones!!!!!

11:45am Dawn
the most masterpieciestriest of all films

Well, still have to head off for the shoot in another hour and a half. It's going to rain tonight, but I'll just incorporate it in the script.