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Compiling my own memories from Jan to April 2018

Haven't updated in 4 months since 2018 started? Insane. So many things have happened! A brief trip in Tokyo during the first week of 2008. (brief appearance on NHK too) A trip to Europe in February for the Swiss premiere of AQERAT (it was my first time in Switzerland and the experience was awesome). Also stopped by at Berlin Film Fest before Switzerland for the first time since 2009. Started March with the Malaysia International Film Fest and the Malaysian premiere of AQERAT, met Ann Hui and Christopher Doyle at the closing ceremony! A day after the ceremony, and a day or two before my own birthday, I received a "Most Outstanding Filmmaker" award from the Malaysian Chinese Film Association during their annual dinner. I was really just there for the food, and to meet up with film friends, didn't know they were giving out awards. -_- Ended March with a film shoot in Hokkaido. Last scene for the day. It’s been fun, sh