After having our rehearsal two days ago , the CHICKEN RICE MYSTERY shoot officially began today, on the 26th of Feb.


Despite being sick during the past few days, my short film, CHICKEN RICE MYSTERY (mentioned the completion of its script last December, and also announced its casting last month), is being fast tracked for a shoot next week. The protagonists of the script were Mom, Dad and Son, I wrote the script with the child actor, Lim Ming Wei of FLOWER IN THE POCKET, in mind. And also imagined that Dad would look like a certain actor (I'll conceal his identity) who was in a James Lee film last year. To my surprise, the first person who contacted me after I posted up the casting notice was this very person I imagined.

My Prediction For The 80th Oscars

The 80th Academy Awards is mere hours away. Predicting the Oscars was something I've liked doing with Sebastian back in our high school days, but the guy is so pissed off over this year's nominations (he hated frontrunner NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN) that he decides to sulk and boycott it. I'll do it myself. Anyone else who actually gives a rat's ass about the Oscars, or has an opinion about it can post their comments here. Here we go (my prediction in bold ):

Remembering The Day I Met Lydia Sum

I met the late Lydia Sum Din-Ha (her name is also spelt as Lydia Shum) during a 2004 trip in Singapore, months before I went to Perth. It was an afternoon, and we were eating at the Wo Men De restaurant, famous for its fish head curry. The restaurant was relatively empty that day, I think we were the only ones there. Then all of a sudden, I heard the restaurant door opening behind me, I didn't turn back, until both my mom reacted. "It's Lydia Sum." She said.

KURUS Featured on THE STAR (20 Feb 2008)

KURUS is featured on today's The Star. Props to them for including, well, a photo that has me in it :D

Kung Fu Dunk 功夫灌籃 is a depressing film to watch on Valentine's Day

I don't really mind Jay Chou as an actor. So far, to me, his films were either surprisingly entertaining ( INITIAL D ), unintentionally campy ( CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER ) or unexpectedly affecting ( SECRET ). But I had my doubts about his newest film KUNG FU DUNK. In fact, I was prepared for the worst.

OMFG! KURUS is showing TONIGHT! (17th of Feb, 2008)

Okay, the NTV7 person probably made a mistake when she told us that KURUS will be showing on the 24th of February. In fact, based on today's newspapers, KURUS will most probably air at NTV7 on the 17th of Feb, 10:45pm. Yes, that's TONIGHT!!!!!! So please please PLEASE watch it!!! Here are the trailers (again): Tell your friends to watch it, and tell your friends to tell their friends to watch it, and then tell your friend's friends to tell THEIR friends to watch it etc etc.