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[Photo] Don't remember seeing Tokyu Plaza Ginza the last time I was here

[Photo] I was finding Dory

[Photo] Yurakucho Center Building as night falls

[Photo] Kachidoki Bridge a few hours after midnight

[Photo] A pleasant afternoon, a nice view. The right place to play Pokémon Go

[Photo] Flyers and pamphlets advertising Chinese Opera performances in Malaysia. No Facebook.

Shohei Imamura's Karayuki-san, the Making of a Prostitute (1975)

[Photo] An exhibition of songs in different Malaysian Chinese dialects

[Photo] Happy belated birthday #MinaFujii @fujii_mina_0715 ! Our short film LOVE IS A DOG FROM HELL (co-starring #YukiKubota @yuki_kubota.0615 ) is premiering at Bucheon Fantastic Film Fest next week! #bifan #久保田悠来 #藤井美菜

Remembering Abbas Kiarostami and rediscovering his films

[Photo] Film shoot happening outside a traditional Chinese pharmacy.

[Photo] Two ladies hanging out at the park after midnight

[Photo] I stumbled upon some a top secret midnight mooncake picnic