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Running time: 25 minutes
Year of release: 2009

A university professor decides to go for a tour in Akihabara, guided by a young woman dressed up like a French maid. As they both walk through the streets of modern Tokyo, the man and the young woman gradually speak of a past they both share, and ultimately a painful love triangle that continues to haunt them. A poetic rumination in love, memories and loss told almost entirely with split screens.

Luchino Fujisaki as the woman
Takao Kawaguchi as the man
Qyoko Kudo (credited as Amane Kudo) as the man's wife

Writer, Director, Editor: Edmund Yeo
Producer: Maiko Itagaki
Executive Producer: Kohei Ando
Cinematographers: Josha Yukibumi, Yoshio Kitagawa
Sound: Sota Torigoe
Gaffer: Kazuyuki Baba
Music: Slavomir Kowalewski
Assistant Director / Production Designer: Lia Yamada
Assistant Director: Shinsuke Kawahara
Assistant Producer: Shunsuke Yamamoto
Production Assistant: Annu Shimizu

Kingyo (2009) on IMDb

  • Mediterranean Festival of New Filmmakers - Larissa 2011 (Greece)
    Winner: Silver Horse
  • Doi Saket International Film Festival 2010 (Thailand)
    Best Editing
  • Eibunren Awards 2009 (Japan)
    Winner: Silver Grand Prix
    Best New Artistic Creator
  • Venice Film Festival 2009 (Italy)
    Official selection (Corto Cortissimo)
  • Hong Kong Asian Film Festival 2009 (Hong Kong)
  • Cinemanila International Film Festival 2009 (Philippines)
  • China Mobile Film Festival 2009 (China)
  • Gulf International Film Festival 2010 (United Arab Emirates)
  • Singapore International Film Festival 2010 (Singapore)
  • Eskisehir Film Festival 2010 (Turkey)
  • SKIP City International D-Cinema Festival 2010 (Japan)
    Official selection (short film competition)
  • Ourense International Film Festival 2010 (Spain)
    Official selection (short film competition)
  • Camera Japan Festival, Amsterdam 2010 (Netherlands)
  • AsiaticaFilmMediale 2010 (Italy)
  • Yxine Film Festival 2011 (Vietnam)
    In Focus: Edmund Yeo

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