Last Fragments of Winter


冬天, 最后的碎片

Year of release: 2011
Running time: 24 minutes

A dreamlike cinematic poem about a family. A boy runs an errand for his mother and realizes that she is dying. A man attends the funeral of a former lover and speaks to her ghost. A woman learns to appreciate the little things around her in everyday life. Meanwhile, in another place at another time, a young girl tries to photograph an incredibly beautiful snow landscape. She then finds an antique watch buried in the snow...

Berg Lee as The Man
Tan Ley Teng as The Woman
Arisa Koike as The Girl In The Snow

Writer, Director and Editor: Edmund Yeo
Producers: Woo Ming Jin, Foo Fei Ling, Miyako Kobayashi
Associate Producers: Yuiko Kato, Kenny Chua
Executive Producer: Kohei Ando
Cinematographers: Kong Pahurak, Tan Teck Zee
Music: Wong Woan Foong
Cellist: Mark Shuping

Dong tian, zui hou de sui pian (2011) on IMDb

  • Sapporo International Short Film Festival 2012 (Japan)
    Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner Award
  • Dubai International Film Festival 2011 (United Arab Emirates)
    In competition
  • Rotterdam International Film Festival 2012 (Netherlands)
  • Bangkok International Student Film Festival 2012 (Thailand)
  • Film Caravan 2012 (Italy)
    In competition
  • Nara International Film Festival 2012 (Japan)
    In competition
  • Yxine Film Festival 2012 (Vietnam)
  • Southeast Asian Arts Festival London 2013 (England)

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