[Photo] Kimono-wearing woman at Hasedera Temple.

[Photo] Mom and sis visiting the Great Buddha of Kamakura

[Photo] Buddha statues at Hasedera Temple, very soothing.

[Photo] Observatory deck at the 1000+ year old Hasedera Temple of Kamakura

[Photo] Mom waiting for coffee at a cool bookstore/ coffee stand

[Photo] Shinjuku Labyrinth

[Photo] Shinjuku station. Everyone before me was a blur.

[Photo] Someone's new #StarWars collection.

[Photo] Examining... er, someone's new #StarWars toys.

[Photo] It's troubling to see the most rational of individuals being overwhelmed by #StarWars hype.

[Photo] Always good to stop by at Shinjuku for some nice brownies and tea.