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[Photo] The garden perished with beautiful reluctance, like an evening star

[Photo] Society is all but rude to this delicious solitude

[Photo] Stairways to heaven

[Photo] Grumpy Cyclist at night

[Photo] The gardener suffered a nervous breakdown

[Photo] A familiar place had become less familiar

[Photo] Searching for lost time.

[Photo] I don't think anyone's home.

[Photo] Exploring the unknown.


[Photo] The Third Bakery Attack.

[Photo] Coffee Amo

[Photo] Hanae and Dylan saying goodnight

[Photo] Staring into the abyss.

[Photo] Never Underestimate A Man Who Graduated From Waseda

[Photo] Hanae waiting for her dad to finish work on a Sunday

[Photo] Working on a Sunday!

Conversation with the family of Yasmin Ahmad

James Lee's LAST DAYS OF SCHOOL and other touching father-daughter commercials

[Photo] Trumpet the Cat hijacks my bag

[Photo] Imagining a lost film.

[Photo] Never needed a flowchart for editing until now.