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[Photo] House across the road is on fire

[Photo] For the first day of Chinese New Year, we always eat vegetarian food. Usually it's a delicious pot of "Vegetarian Bah Kut Teh" made by Auntie Hui Qing and brought to us in the morning.

[Photo] Love pineapple tarts during Chinese New Year. Chicken shaped pineapple tarts? Even better.

[Photo] Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!

[Photo] He's planking.

[Photo] Looking forward to going to school

[Photo] Been staying here for nearly 30 years, still like the view a lot.

[Photo] Farewell 2016. It is fitting that I remember this year through photos from my upcoming film Aqérot, my short film Love is a Dog From Hell, and my end year trips to Busan and Tokyo Film Festivals. I look forward to another great year in cinema.

[Photo] Girl searching for a better future #aqerot

[Photo] Making an important phone call

[Photo] Boat's not in good shape.

[Photo] Cow's living the good life.

[Photo] Man and lighthouse

[Photo] Fried noodles express

[Photo] Cycling under the watch of Lord Buddha

[Photo] Stone pillars in the middle of the forest

[Photo] Morning flights are great for sleeping

[Photo] Can't ride a bike here

[Photo] Houses left behind by time.

[Photo] Valley of Hope