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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Novel Update

Yes, I'm going to talk about my novel now, a writing project I haven't touched (excluding the time when I brought the rough draft onto my site, and also a short chapter I was writing 2 months ago which was meant to be a meeting between two major characters) since Alanded went off to Sydney on February.

As many of you should know now, the entire project's going to undergo one MASSIVE overhaul. It's going to be VERY different from before, even though many of the characters who appeared in the rough draft will still be around. But everything else, the main plot, the settings (especially this), the tone, the mood, everything will be pretty damned different from before.

I'm bringing this up after having a pretty short conversation with Alanded this afternoon regarding the new direction our novel will be heading. And I think I pretty much like what's going on. And yes, once I'm done with Slam Dunk: Inside Stuff, I'm going to concentrate fully on this novel as my one and only writing project, and nothing else anymore. So, basically, once Slam Dunk: Inside Stuff is done, I will move it to another section on my page, and then start expanding the section that was for my novel (and we'll probably try to come up with a name for the series by then).

We'll put up lots of stuff, flash animations, games, blah blah, for the novel, hopefully. So yeah.

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