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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Conversation with a Star Wars (original trilogy) virgin (or dumbass)

Yeah baby, I've just returned from the second viewing of Revenge of The Sith. Still an entertaining movie. Not entirely perfect, but a movie worthy of my enthusiasm and recommendation.

What I've forgot to mention in my previous entry was the fantastic performance of Ian Mcdiarmid as Emperor Palpatine. My my, what he gave was quite truly, an award-worthy performance. If anyone in SW3's going to get nominated for next year's Oscars, he has a good chance (but highly unlikely *sigh*). So yeah, you people can say all you want about Anakin Skywalker, Yoda, Obi-Wan, but to me, the Emperor's by far the coolest character in the movie. Even one as manly as I would sway to the Dark Side immediately if I am convinced by him. Long live the Emperor.

(In the past, I always thought that the Emperor was pathetic, since he couldn't even kill Luke with his lightning powers in Return of the Jedi despite zapping the bloke for more than ten minutes. Of course, it occurred to me that he was TORTURING Luke, not attempting to kill him.)

Oh, and here's a conversation I had with a supposed 'film student' (some random guy introduced to me by a friend of mine) in cafetaria of my university today that left me very much perplexed.

Film student: Do you know that among all Star Wars movies, Episode 2 was the best?

Me: Huh? Attack of the Clones? That sucked, man.

Film student: It made lots and lots of money. It made the most money.

Me: Er. Actually, it made only 300 million. A New Hope (Episode 4) and Phantom Menace (Episode 1) both made more than 400 million each, man. In fact, the original Star Wars (Episode 4) remains the second all-time top-grossing movie behind Titanic while Phantom Menace, despite its crapness, is number four.

(note: I'm very into box-office figures ever since I was a child, so information like this are committed to memory.)

Film student: Hah! When the DVD of Attack of the Clones came out, it made 25 million!

Me: Oh, okay. (resumes eating and chatting with Justin)

(note: Being a non-confrontational guy, I, er, I didn't even know what was he talking about anymore.)

Moments later...

Film student: So, tell me, what actually happened in Episode 4 to 6?

Me: What? You've never seen the original Star Wars trilogy?

(note: Justin was interrupted from his eating as well)

Me: Hah! Well, the Empire was defeated. Oh, and Darth Vader is Luke's father. And Leia is Luke's twin sister.

Justin: You've just ruined the movie for him. That's wrong.