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Monday, June 06, 2005

Musing about my soon-to-be concluded fanfiction career.

"I love watching romantic films alone by myself. They make me feel... empty." - me

Holy crap, I've finished writing the final subsection of Slam Dunk: Inside Stuff Episode 22 in two freaking nights. I'm really surprised by how quick I got to finish this, and how simple it ended up becoming since this was supposed to be the most ambitious chapter of them all. Ah well.

So, this means that there's only the epilogue left for me to write. And once Slam Dunk: Inside Stuff is done, I will finally be able to do what I've actually set out to do when I started this fanfic nearly three years ago: to retire from fanfiction. When I finished writing that chapter last night, I had this weird tingling feeling within me. And I tried scanning through the chapter over and over again, wondering whether they are any necessary changes that have to be made.

But in the end, I guess there's really no way for me to change it anymore. Another step towards the end of my fanfic career has been taken, and this step is swifter than I've imagined.

It took me four months to finally update my previous chapter, I didn't expect to do a follow-up in slightly more than a month, and that was pretty much what I did.

And epilogue to tie up all loose ends will be attempted after my final exams (probably when I return to Malaysia), and since that will be the very last fanfic chapter I'm going to write in my life, I'm going to make sure that I'm leaving with a bang. Although I think having Slam Dunk: Inside Stuff as my swansong is pretty much a wondrous achievement.

It's been a long six years (my fanfic writing career, I mean), but I'm more excited with what I'll be able to write after saying my farewells to fanfics.