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Monday, June 20, 2005

Some Random Conversation With Some Random Guy At Some Street.

17th of June, 2004. Friday. Was at Perth city, buying a small cake for someone's birthday. Despite buying merely a small slice of cheese cake, accompanied by two small chocolate muffins, I was given a large box because they ran out of small boxes. Holding the box with both of my hands, I trudged through the busy streets of Perth... and ran into some random bearded guy. I was concentrating mostly on trying to balance the box perfectly so that everything in it could be presentable at night. Our conversation went like this:

Random Bearded Guy (RBG): Excuse me, are you interested in meeting God?
Me: Hmm? (looking straight ahead, and then at the box, too afraid to mess things up)
RBG: God. Father of Jesus.
Me: Nope.
RBG: Do you have another religion?
Me: Yeap.
RBG: Do you know that if you don't have Jesus Christ in your heart, you will suffer after you die?
Me: All right.
RBG: Your die will be a painful one.
Me: Okay.
RBG: Think about what I said.
Me: Sure.

And the RBG walked off whilst I continued my perilously journey of trying to bring the tiny cheesecake back in good shape.

The next day, after finishing my Advertising and Marketing Law exams, I went back to Perth city to do some shopping with a friend. I was sitting on the bench, minding my own business, reading the latest Forbes magazine, waiting for my friend to finally make her decision on what to buy. And all of a sudden, I heard a familiar voice again.

"Excuse me, are you interested in meeting God?"

Turning away from my magazine to look at RBG, I pointed at him excitedly.

Me: Hey! Aren't you the guy from yesterday?
RBG: We have already spoken yesterday. Goodbye then. (hurries off)
Me: Hmmm.