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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Coping With My Retirement From Fanfiction, Future Plans For Both Writing And Filmmaking.

I am still utterly blown away by the fact that I've finished a fanfic I've spent three years working upon. Post-creativity depression is sure to settle in soon, but I seriously doubt it. Yes, although I'm done with Slam Dunk: Inside Stuff, this is just the beginning. From now on, I will attempt to promote it like I've never before, I'll attempt to make it accessible from anywhere. I'll make sure its URL will be on any anime fanfiction site, search engines and everything else. (insanely active forums are perfect for this)

(fanfiction was completed right after midnight, during the first few hours of 5th of July, it was fitting that this was the very day I found myself a new job, a signal of a new beginning for my life?)

Now I muse about my fanfiction career, which has spanned from 1999 to this year, 2005. Six years is a pretty long time. I started out by writing fanfics starring the Jpop band, Speed, in my mailing list (formerly known as Precious Speed Mailing List, now known simply as PSML), then fanfiction.net, where I achieved quite a lot with my controversial DBZ and Jpop/Jrock fanfics. In the end, certain factors made me very pissed off with fanfiction.net, thus I wrote Slam Dunk: Inside Stuff as a swan song. Little did I know that numerous events would make this whole deal last for three years. So yeah, my retirement was prolonged for three long years, but the bright side of it is, I created my own site because of it. I'm rather proud with most of the stuff I've written and I sincerely believe that I have an above average body of fan fictional works (many of them archived on my site now, click here to view them).

Enough musing, I will now briefly illustrate what I intend to do.

For writing:

28 Days: This Ain't That Zombie Flick, the sequel of the semi-biographical novelette, 14 Days, will be uploaded soon. But instead of being merely a collaboration between Alanded and I, this sequel has three other writers as well.

I'm also going to attempt writing some short stories (I've jot down the ideas for some of them in a notepad) so that my writing skills will never become rusty.

Maybe I'll have to reread my unfinished novel done with Alanded to rediscover my passion for this project. I've left it hanging for such a long time that I can't even remember what was it like to work on it anymore.

For filmmaking:

I've originally intended to make an experimental mood piece during my break here. It's going to be a simple short film that lasts less than 5 minutes, with merely one person in the cast (an actress). A bittersweet romance of sorts. Unfortunately, I'm starting to worry that I won't have the time to do it since I'm working now.

Other than that, after I return to Perth, I'm going to work on a new project, an offbeat romantic comedy that's based on a short story written by Justin. It's going to be something very simple, featuring only two members in the cast.