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Monday, August 22, 2005

Amusing incident while watching Pang Ho Cheung's AV

AV stands for adult video, which is pornography. AV is also the name of a HK film this year by Edmond Pang, who is part of the HK New Wave responsible for such wonderful black comedies like 'You Shoot I Shoot' (about professional killers trying to film their tasks for the entertainment of their clients) and 'Men Suddenly In Black' (adulterous husbands trying to cheat on their wives, filmed like a slick suspense triad/cop thriller, with the husbands being the gangsters and the wives being the cops).

I was watching the latter last night. It's a comedy about four university guys trying to hire a Japanese porn actress for a fake film, and then have sex with her. Brilliant idea huh? This entry, however, is not a review about that movie (which you can find here if you are interested). It was before I posted yesterday's entry about the post-creativity depression I felt.

I was watching it with Justin, Justin's girlfriend and another Japanese girl who shall be referred as No-chan. No-chan is an adorable little girl who, despite being my age (and even two months older), looks just like a little girl, a stoned little elfin girl with tiny slit-like eyes and a wide wide perpetual grin on her face. Usually wearing a rather oversized hat, she tend to wander on the university campus aimlessly... well, not really aimlessly, but you almost felt that she was aimless. It's hard to describe. She's an innocent little girl who is constantly shy and flustered, or looks like it. Yeah.

Anyway, originally, only Justin and No-chan visited me at my flat last night to watch a DVD, Justin's gf wasn't there. So I popped AV into the DVD player (I was in the mood for a light-hearted HK film, the other choice was 'Kungfu Mahjong' which is a Wong Jing film, who is incapable of making a good comedy anymore). The film started with a guy talking about his sexual escapades with a chick he met via Friendster, and then we moved to a sex scene.

No-chan stood up immediately and said politely that she left something in her flat, and she needed to retrieve it. So she scurried away. She came back 20 minutes later with Justin's girlfriend, and we continued watching it happily ever after.

It wasn't until today that I knew what truly happened. Poor No-chan was traumatized by the opening scene, thus she ran off to get Justin's girlfriend to accompany her while watching the film. And because of this, she will never look at me the same way again. Dum dum dum.

I feel kinda dirty.

Well, at least I think she did enjoy the film in the end, despite the numerous sex scenes she had to endure.