This is my 'Malaysian Dilemma'

National Day is drawing near (31st of August), so it's obvious that the lovefest for Malaysia is going strong in the blogosphere. Definitely the best moment to display your inner patriot, aye? Many people have been blogging about social problems faced in our country recently, really big, heavy, major stuff that involve politicians, the trends of the nation and the mentality of people nationwide.

I am still at Perth, so I've not been following the Malaysian news that much. (over here in Australia, people are more concerned with er, Corby) So what can I say about Malaysia to display my sheer patriotism? Join the bandwagon and diss Xiaxue for dissing KL? Oh puh-lease, I don't even consider her important enough to be bothered by her opinions.

So I shall tell you a tale of what happened to me not too long ago.

Last semester, I had a flatmate from Austria, pretty nice and friendly gal who always brought her boyfriend over to our flat. The boyfriend's name is VJ. Near the end of the semester, I lent her a couple of my DVDs when she asked for them. One of them happened to be Sean Connery's 'The Name of the Rose', based on the Umberto Eco book I've just read back then (I haven't seen the film though). The girl was swift, she returned me all the DVDs I lent her two days later, all of them except for 'The Name of the Rose'.

The girl and VJ were apologetic, they told me that they took the DVD to their friend's flat to watch (as their friend was the one who had a DVD player). But their friend, Stef, had flown off to USA with the DVD and will not be around until the second semester. I nodded, saying that I understand, and that I will wait until then to get it back from her. My flatmate was going back to Austria, but VJ would be staying for the rest of the year for his studies. He gave me his mobile phone number. I kept it.

Weeks went by, after spending the mid-year break in Malaysia, I came back to Perth and saw Stef. I asked her about the DVD, she stared at me, FLABBERGASTED, saying that the DVD was never with her, that VJ was the one who should've taken it. I called VJ, and was greeted by the sound of his voice message. I assumed he didn't switch on his phone.

Then, many days later, after many non-stop calls to him, I realized that he NEVER switches on his phone. Obviously, the guy had stopped using this number. At that time, I already knew that it was impossible for me to get the DVD back, they've already lost it. But I couldn't let him slip away just like that.

I saw Stef in a library one day, and asked her for VJ's new number. Once again, she stared at me, FLABBERGASTED, saying that she had no idea, but told me I could find VJ in the flat she used to stay. (she had moved out to stay off-campus)

Let's cut the story short. I managed to find out that VJ wasn't staying in Stef's old flat, in fact, both of them moved out last semester and they are currently staying TOGETHER, yes, outside, off-campus. So, what have I been dealing with? A lying bitch and a cowardly scum who didn't even have the guts to claim responsibility for the loss of something he borrowed.

I was angry. I hate being lied to. And I do not remember ever being lied to like this since I came to Australia.

You know what's the saddest part?

VJ and Stef are Malaysians.

I got screwed. And I got screwed by my fellow countrymen. I am ashamed and embarrassed that Mother Malaysia had produced lowlife trash like them. My heart shattered like a hall of broken mirrors as I wept inwardly that the country had fallen to this. This whole issue has ceased being merely about a DVD. In fact, it had never been about the DVD. And I am determined to immortalize them forever with my words. With the text here.

The aforementioned duo are pretty rich, yet they didn't even DARE to pay up for a DVD they lost. What's this? A noble display of frugality and thriftiness? Or mere cowardice and the inability to claim responsibility? What is this whole habit of lending borrowed stuff to other people? What is this whole habit of lying through your teeth to protect your own hide for a mundane matter? What is the whole habit of being such a craven and having to escape responsibilities?

I do not weep about the decisions or policies made by the government, neither do I have the gall to point out the social ills that have slowly seeped into our society. I weep for these tiny little matters, for these insignificant little people, for their stupidity, for their irresponsibility, for their cowardice, and most of all, for the fact that they are Malaysians as well.

My country is sick. She shares my anguish, my agony, my unshed tears. What joy will the National Day bring? What joy will the loud singing of the national anthem bring? What joy will the waving of the Malaysian flag bring? How can there be joy when the majority of its future leaders have degenerated into such pusillanimous pussy, er, cats?

Malaysia is in trouble, and the National Day will be a time of mourning and reflection for me.