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Friday, October 21, 2005

My Friend Is A Reincarnation Of Xu Zhimo

I was exposed to the famous Chinese poet, Xu Zhimo early last year, and one of the eeriest thing about him is his striking resemblance to my friend (whose name is not really Alan Wong as mentioned in yesterday's post, in fact, he's Alex Yuen, he who worked with me on my novel years ago, but please don't let him know that his photos are being used on my blog).

Now, look at Alex's face in the comic.

And here are two photos of Xu Zhimo.

OMFG. This is seriously disturbing. But yeah, I believe my friend's a reincarnation of Xu Zhimo. The Wikipedia entry failed to give some of the most interesting aspects of Xu Zhimo's personal life, since the guy's love life was discussed almost as much as his poems. Chang Yu-i (his first wife from an arranged marriage, first Chinese woman to get a Western-style divorce, and the first woman vice president of Shanghai's Women's Bank. Her life was chronicled by her great grandniece in the book 'Bound Feet and Western Dress'), Lin Hui Yin (his one true love, she was unattainable and married to another) and Lu Xiaoman (his second wife). More details (might not be entirely accurate) can be viewed in this site.

There was a Taiwanese TV serial called April Rhapsody that dramatized his life, but I think my friend would've been a much better choice as the main actor. Hell, I even want to make a short film about Xu Zhimo getting resurrected from the dead to hunt aliens and monsters whilst reciting his own poems. Anyway, I'm just going to put up a poem from Xu Zhimo.

by Xu Zhimo

I am a cloud in the sky,
A chance shadow on the wave of your heart.
Don't be surprised,
Or too elated;
In an instant I shall vanish without trace.

We meet on the sea of dark night,
You on your way, I on mine.
Remember if you will,
Or, better still, forget
The light exchanged in this encounter.