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Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Aisyalam Project Is Jinxed.

Never, when I made Forced Labour, did I have to face such adversity. As I've mentioned few days ago, I lost my actor for Hang Tuah (one of the two main guys), thus jeopardizing the fate of this ambitious sci-fi project.

I acted quick, and immediately contacted Johan's (my other main guy) sister's boyfriend to replace Abu, the original actor for Hang Tuah. On Monday night, he sounded interested, thus I sent an email to him immediately. No reply from him, so I waited until Tuesday, no reply either. Yesterday, I finally called him to speak to him in person (it was stressful, since I was at the same time working on an oral presentation on Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus, and an essay on Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream). Guy seemed unsure, told me to wait as he would return to me. Another night went past.

Today, Thursday, Johan finally told me that the guy ain't gonna do it because... JOHAN'S SISTER told him not to do it! Marvellous, a guy chose not to appear in my film because his GIRLFRIEND told him to, that's the manliest thing ever. Tomorrow's shooting for 'Aisyalam' will be cancelled, but I will be getting hold of a high-quality camera from the uni, borrowed from a film student friend who borrowed said high-quality camera from uni. Right. There's still this Hindi short flick I'm working on (Aisyalam's short story).

The catch? I have to return the camera by Monday. Seems I'll have to finish the film throughout the weekend. One obstacle after another.

On the other hand, I just found out today that the action figure I bought for Aisyalam, which I painted completely black so that it could be used in this impression stop-motion sequence HAD BEEN FUCKING WRECKED! I left it in Justin's flat for a couple of weeks, and mysterious, it was found fucking mutilated today. Gee, this Aisyalam project is seriously cursed.