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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Preparing To Shoot Hindi Flick This Weekend.

While I'm still uncertain of the fate of Aisyalam, my upcoming ambitious sci-fi flick in Malay. Its spinoff might endure a much kinder fate.

The Hindi translation of my short film (the side project I mentioned here) is done. Will most probably begin shooting this weekend, as it is only going to be a couple of minutes long, the whole thing will probably be completed within days, I hope.

And no, there are NO singing and dancing in it. It's going to be a rather unique Hindi flick, I think.

Just have to do some storyboarding when I'm free enough (I have two Shakespeare-related projects, a critical review of a play and an oral presentation of Titus Andronicus due in two days) to make this as effective as possible.

Most of the scenes will only take place in a flat and other places within the university campus, and one at Perth city. Perhaps I might just take photos of the production process... but I'll be too busy holding the video camera. Darn.

Hoo boy, it's ironic that just a few weeks ago, I was pointing out to this aspiring filmmaker guy's mistake on trying to shoot his film in languages he doesn't understand (people speak multiple languages in his flick, like the HK movies of the late 90s and early 00s, where despite speaking diff. languages, they understand each other perfectly), but here I am, shooting a film in HINDI! What the hell, the translation of my script (originally written in English) might be totally inaccurate, and I wouldn't even know it.