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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Swifty Completes NaNoWriMo!

So yeah, I managed to hit 50k words today. I went into a writing spree yesterday which resulted in me doing about 5000-6000 words. I'm rather satisfied, but it merely means that I can breathe easy now and attempt to finish what I've written at my own pace (the story's incomplete, and the last few parts were rushed jobs, I intend to insert scenes between what I've written to flesh things out more).

I will see whether I intend to serialize my story online, while I think it's reasonably good and rather unconventional (despite having a hybrid fantasy/sci-fi settings, this tale is more like a love story/social commentary/coming-of-age tale than a generic 'hero goes on a quest to save the world from the almighty lord of evil' story), I have to ensure that it is as presentable as possible for my readers. So yeah, stay tuned.

So, is there a celebration of sorts for Malaysian Nano-ers?

Oh well, here's some random notes (I think I might actually stay with this format for many of my future entries), I think I will from now on name them SwiftNotes:

  • Singapore's blogicide (a term first read in this entry of Mr Miyagi's) victim Daphne Teo returns to the top 10 Technorati searches. Welcome back, hun. Even though you didn't stay like I begged you to, your spirit lives on (in Technorati). You are an inspiration to drama queens everywhere.
  • No, I don't really follow Mr Miyagi's blog, but went to read it today in honour of the late Pat Morita. R. I. P. Mr Miyagi (I mean Pat Morita, not the blogger)
  • Speaking of Pat Morita, my Japanese friend, Maiko, who stayed over at my place for a couple of nights before leaving yesterday afternoon said that his Japanese pronunciation was pretty weird and inaccurate. Oooh.
  • Saw Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire this morning. Will be coming up with a review later. It's going to be a favorable one.
  • Hmmm... actually, the two Prussian Blue songs I downloaded at Tuoni's sound pretty harmless to me. I was actually expecting them to really sing in German, and praise Hitler and the Nazi and then pepper their songs with noise clips of gunshots and people screaming.
  • "Regardless of whether you want it or not, you'll always be in their clique because you are associated closely with them." Swifty to Minishorts.
  • Dragon Warrior 8 turned out to have pretty decent graphics, thus transforming my entire perception that Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior games are generally long-ass engrossing RPGs with deliberately shitty graphics. My sister suggested that the improvement on the game's aesthetic qualities had to do with Enix's merger with Square.
  • I want to see Reese Witherspoon's Far From Heaven because I am a sucker from romantic comedies.
  • BlogsAdSwap seems interesting. I'm joining.
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