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Thursday, November 03, 2005

NanoWriMo Progress Report (Day 2)

3400 words written. 600 short from my target. As you can see by now, I'm targeting 2000 a day. I'm rather disappointed.

This story I'm writing now was meant to be a bridge between my unfinished novel and my Blogathon story (check my August archives, for crap's sake), a pseudo-prequel to the former and a pseudo-sequel to the latter, however, to really do that can be pretty restricting, My Blogathon story good enough as a standalone, leaving everything else to my readers' imaginations, while my unfinished novel is a product of my teenage fantasies, and writing style, so it is not good enough for me to use it now. Elements can be borrowed, but I can't based everything on it. What I write now HAS TO BE a standalone.

This means that I'm not working with a preexisting template, and without proper worldbuilding and planning. And also, in a way, creative collaboration fucked up my own vision, because I didn't really have any idea what was it that I was trying to write back then, an epic storyline about WHAT??? I had to frequently compromise some of the stuff I wanted with my partner (and he had to suffer the same fate as well). It was all bits and pieces of his ideas, and then mine. I was unable to reach the 4000 mark last night because I was so confused with the main plot that I had to visit Justin and try to spill out my original plan to him. Not because I wanted reassurance, but more like I wanted to articulate my ideas. It was something I used to do with my little sister in the past. Not being the type of person who keeps a note for stuff, this is my own method of remembering story ideas.

And this kinda brings me to an amusing incident with Kyels last night, when I sent her what I've written for NanoWriMo thus far, and immediately within five seconds, she told me it was 'cool!' and 'it has a cool storyline'. My jaw almost dropped open. I guess due to the fact that Kyels herself wasn't really into creative writing, she didn't really grasp the concept of me sending the story to her. And thus when I said "I need a reader!", it became more like I was seeking reassurance for what I've written.

It wasn't reassurance I was seeking, nor praises, just people to share my story with. I am incapable of working on a creative work, and then keeping it to myself when to me, writing, or filmmaking, are both forms of storytelling or expressing oneself. I'm the type of person who prefers having people speaking to me about characters of my story, their motivations, their actions, the plot, the settings than merely pointing out the technical aspects of my writings. (thus my personal annoyance with one-liner reviews during my days in fanfiction.net, I don't need people saying 'it's good!' or 'lol! veli funny!' or 'hahaha, i like it'. WHAT is good? WHAT is funny? WHAT do you like?)

And most of the time, I NEED to articulate some things and share it with people. And if I want to put things into words, I can't really freaking do it by myself, since I'm really not the type of person who speaks to himself. Therefore, the reassurance I get is not from praises, but from the knowledge that I am sharing my work with people, to know that it's not one-sided anymore.

Ah well, judging from the lack of reactions from my last NanoWriMo report, I guess people around are more interested in reading stories about pink poodles, so it's all good, I'm working without pressure, and even if I fail to reach the 50k (unlikely though) mark, no one will actually remember that I've joined this. Hah!

Here are some excerpts.

“How may I address you, my good sirs?” Erik said, carefully maintained a measure of politeness in his tone.

“Impudent whelp! One does not ask for the names of the Flaming Bandits. The Flaming Bandits will only introduce themselves to those who are the most deserving.” One of them, the largest of them all, spat. He was probably their leader, Erik thought. “Despite your appearance, you have much to learn about courtesy, lad.”

“Many apologies.” Erik said, bowing again.

“I am Gerrard, leader of the Flaming Bandits, we are highly-disciplined, handsome rogues with unsurpassed thievery skills who steal from the rich, and give to the, well, no one. Just us.” Gerrard laughed.

“That’s very altruistic of you.”


She finally spoke to him after Erik’s weapons and armour were returned to him by the guards.

“You belong to me now, knight. Remove the amulet and immediately you will be blown into pieces. Defy my orders and the amulet will explode, which, once again, will blow you into pieces. There is no alternative to this, resistance is futile. You are now bound to me. Mwa ha.”

“Whaaaaaaaaaat?” Erik exclaimed, his eyes widened in horror.

“Oh, shut up.” The sorceress snapped. “You sound like a duck. Now come, we have some dark elvish necromancers to hunt. But before that- breakfast.”