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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

NanoWriMo Progress Report (Day 8)

I've past the 10 000 mark. Meaning that I have written nearly 4000 words since last night's progress report. I was stuck for a while, having difficulty rediscovering my rhythm, but once I did, it just went pretty smoothly. Some dialogue between characters have sorta elevate my novel beyond conventional fantasy bindings, I think.

On the other hand, I found this site which keeps track on the largest message boards and forums in the world. Rankings were done based on the amount of posts, but you can also view them based on the amount of members. Forum administrators might have to use the top-ranking message forums as a measuring stick. It might not be entirely accurate, and I'm sure some major forums aren't listed, but it's worth a look.

Now, some excerpts.

“Tell me, sir knight, madam sorceress, what can I do to reward both of you? Name the amount of money you want. Or do you want us to erect a statue in your honour? Perhaps you want the rare copies of books we have in the library?” Lord Cadan said.

“Anything.” Lady Cadan added.

“Nay, my lord, my lady,” The sorceress raised a hand. “I already have my reward. The reward of knowing that I have saved the life of another. This reward is immeasurable. I am but a simple sorceress, and my companion a simple Zeltanian knight. I believe in the entire circle of cause and effect. All I want to do is perform as many good deeds as possible so that the child I bear now can live a better life in the future”

Erik’s jaw dropped open in sheer shock. But no one noticed him.


“You are such a liar.” Erik said in disgust.

“What are you talking about, knight? That mayor was a dumbass for letting the cult run around like this, and having their sacrificial rituals. You can’t feel sorry for him, that self-absorbed bastard wouldn’t have given a damn if it weren’t his own daughter who got abducted this time.” The sorceress said. She made a dismissive gesture. “I despise people like him. Now, quit whining and eat your food. This place is pretty good.”

The Dragon’s Den was an intriguing structure shaped like a miniature volcano. It was claimed by its owner, an ogre called H’nim, that once a year, an actual black dragon named Eldyryn would fly down and rest upon its peak, waiting to be served for free by employees of the inn. Eldyryn was a companion of H’nim’s during their adventures years ago when the ogre was much younger. Relics and treasures H’nim and Eldyryn accumulated during these adventures were placed in glass cases for display.


“So, Cluck, besides myself, how many people are in the inn right now?” Eliar asked.

“Six.” Cluck the Rubber Duck answered.

“Really? You sure?”

The rubber duck was silent, incapable of answering any other questions.