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Friday, November 11, 2005

NaNoWriMo Progress Report (Day 10) I'm in 'WRITING' Mode, Not 'FILMMAKING' Mode.

Hit 15000 words. I wrote 2000 words since my last progress report. I would have written more, but my time was spent on the previous entry, some grocery shopping, and watching some performances from people in my Shakespeare class.

Never in my life have I felt unexcited about preparing to shoot a film, yet this is how I feel now. For the very first time in my life.

I will be shooting my Hindi film tomorrow, and I can't say that I'm enthusiastic about it. Usually when I'm hit by inspiration to do something creative, I would rather do it as soon as possible because I am more motivated to do so, and I can expend all my energies upon it. Unfortunately, like Aisyalam, this Hindi project has been delayed too much that I cannot find the fire I had when I first develop my ideas for both film projects.

It's simple, I am currently in 'writing' mode, not 'filmmaking', I'm incapable of being in both modes simultaneously. Both are methods of telling stories, and for me, I prefer focusing my energies upon one particular story to ensure that it is perfect. That is why even if I am a writer myself, I prefer to have Guestblogger Justin doing the screenwriting for me so that I can just concentrate upon the filmmaking instead.

NanoWriMo has started, I have spent the last few days in full 'writing' mode. I have immersed myself so thoroughly into the world and characters of the novel I'm writing now that I have fallen head over heels in love with them. To be wrestled away from it now to work on my film is like the unwelcome arrival of a spurned lover appearing to win my affections again.

Anyway, here are the excerpts.

“You overheard our conversation!” Eliar said, pointing at TMGPC. “And saw the exquisitely beautiful products that we intend to sell!”

TMGPC looked up from her sandwich and regarded him impassively. “Yeah.”

“Ah! Consider yourself blessed, my lady, this little boy and I are currently in the midst of a discussion that will be responsible for creating history not too long from now, and I will soon be ridiculously rich.”

“Oh.” TMGPC said with disinterest and returned to eating her sandwich.


Erik studied her as she was concentrating on the various structures at the lower parts of the city, briefly wondering about her past, and then wondered about his own curiosity about her past.

“Ever thought of visiting W’sad’nar?” The knight asked.

The sorceress snorted. “What for? The City of Wizards may be even worse. A bunch of elitists living together, feeling ridiculously proud about their own gifts and skills, and always reminding themselves about their ‘superiority’ over those born without magic, and convincing themselves that it was them who shunned society, but not the other way around. Ultimately, all they do is spend their times comforting and pleasuring one another. It’s almost like an incestuous relationship.”

A sparrow landed before them. The sorceress leant forward and stretched out her hand invitingly towards it. It hopped onto her palm, and she started stroking its head gently.

“I will never associate myself with anything. Everything I do, I do for myself.” She said. “So that no matter how, I will always remain detached enough to be objective. So that I will not be given the obligation to protect someone not worth protecting, nor fight for something I don’t believe in either merely because those around me are doing it.”


“That wasn’t very nice.” Erik said.

“Technology, they will soon learn, is just as unpredictable as magic, and too different to be compared with.” The sorceress said, smiling in triumph. “To think that technology is simply magic’s replacement is na├»ve.”

“So, technology DOES bother you.”

“No, knight, blind belief bothers me.”

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