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Saturday, March 25, 2006

I combined an Australian student short film with Cowboy Bebop dialogue for mashup video

Well, here's another entry to remind you that I AM a filmmaker. Just a couple of days ago, I mentioned that during my editing assignment, I realized common themes found it the majority of my projects, you can now witness the editing assignment for yourself.

Basically, we are all given a video (from a student film shot in Murdoch University), and we have to make something out of it. I used random snippets of dialogue from the anime Cowboy Bebop (and background music from Rahxephon) for this, and it's basically a pretty angsty and poignant tale... if you DON'T KNOW Japanese, if you DO know Japanese, you'll probably laugh at the sheer stupidity and wackiness of this video.

It's a tale of a man stuck with a lousy job in the camera storage place at the Multimedia School of Murdoch University. And then, the appearance of a mysterious woman changes his life forever...

Have fun watching!

(Important Note: I merely did the editing, I did NOT shoot the video!)

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