Is height an issue in relationships?

Well, haven't been able to go online due to the fact that I can't reload my Internet quota (it's one of the biggest annoyances about staying on-campus, the lack of unlimited Internet connection). It's Easter weekend, and I assume everyone's probably celebrating by slaughtering bunnies for fun. Hah.

Anyway, I'm currently developing two screenplays for two short films that will be done by this all-Malaysian girls screen production group I've volunteered to help (oh, and Kenny Sia's cousin happened to be one of them, small world huh?). I've already written one called 'A Mother's Love', which deals with a man who is still dealing with the grief of losing his wife, and also trying to bond with his son, who seems oblivious to the death of his mother. And then, the man's asthmatic attackes are also growing increasingly violent. Since this IS written by me, the entire short film takes a pretty cruel twist towards the end which will leave people shaking their heads in disgust after losing their meals. Of course, it's a matter of whether it will be translated well onscreen.

I am now starting work on a second screenplay for the group called 'Vertical Distance', which I have to examine how important a role heights can play in a relationship. As in, will guys go out with gals taller than them? Will gals go out with guys shorter than them? If yes, why? If no, why?

After asking a friend whether he would go out with a chick who is taller than him, his response was 'preferrably no', and when I pressed on, he just said that he would feel like the girl in a relationship if he were shorter.

As for me, I wouldn't go out with a gal taller than me because I feel that it's rather awkward. Imagine looking up at my girlfriend while speaking, or have her towering over me when she wears high heels. I like taller gals, those who are near my height, but not taller than me, thank you. I am too egoistic to handle that. Tom Cruise most probably divorced Nicole Kidman because he was shorter than her, and despite being one of the most powerful actors in Hollywood, to have this happening to him can be a massive blow to his pride. But then, I do know men who are shorter than their wives (I think my grandfather was shorter than my grandmother, but both passed away before I was born).

Therefore, my dear readers, I need your opinions regarding this issue.

(UPDATED 31/8/2007): I ended up making the short film, VERTICAL DISTANCE, watch it below.

Vertical Distance

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