My very first attempts at video editing + Kahimi Karie

Back in July-August 2004, before I made my very first short film called A Boring Story. The first video I've ever put together was what is now known as a mashup video featuring snippets from the Japanese film, Casshern, and the Jude Law film, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, and also music videos of Hiro, lead vocalist of the long-disbanded Japanese girl group, SPEED, object of my obsession for many of my teenage years. (whose latest video, as I've mentioned here, unfortunately sucked)

The background song I used is sung by Kahimi Karie, whom I discovered that year when I downloaded her 2003 album, Trapeziste, during one of my downloading sprees (and was then shocked to find out that instead of being a Jpop album as I've expected, IT WAS ACTUALLY IN FRENCH!) Intrigued by her breathy, childlike voice (which creeps Justin out), I tried to Google her back then, but to no avail. Just two interviews with her, this and this, and an article. Nothing more. Not even a proper photo. But then, that was 2004, before the time of Youtube, before the time of Wikipedia.

Of course, you can now read the Wikipedia entry about her easily. (I was surprised when I found out about her age!) So yes, basically, Kahimi's Japanese, but during the time when the interviews were conducted, she was living in Paris. And all these while, I had assumed that she had remained in Paris until the Wikipedia entry stated that she currently lives in Tokyo, Japan.

And thanks to Youtube, I managed to find some videos of Kahimi Karie too. (I was surprised that she's that good-looking!) Now, why the hell is a filmmaker like me introducing a crapload of music videos nowadays in this site? But my dears, sifting through these music videos IS a creative process for me, as music plays an intergral role in my creative endeavours. Music videos inspire me visually, but music itself can generate images within my mind too, though not as strongly as most others, but well, the surrealism of Kahimi's songs are pretty much what I needed to develop my Girl Disconnected screenplay, which is a rare Magical Realism short film. I mean, what else should I be listening? *scoffs* Linkin Park?

Anyway, being everyone's favourite vlogging filmmaker from Malaysia, I will now attempt to share with you folks a Kahimi Karie video.

A Fantastic Moment

Isn't she pwetty? Eh? Come on, she's totally unique! Too bad I only have two albums of hers thus far (Trapeziste and K. K. K. K.). Hmmmm. Oh, and I heard that she did a song, Blue Orb, for the game, We Love Katamari. Man, I gotta look for that.

All right, enough with my music videos, I'll try to whip up my Scary Movie 4 review soon. It's just that... it's such a difficult film to review. Speaking of Scary Movie 4, their Myspace reference prompted me to look around in that site (I actually had a Myspace account long ago, but never bothered to log in!). Hmmm. Will keep you all updated.

And on a totally unrelated note... man, even Dawn Yeo (or Dawn Yang? Jeez, Dawnie-poo, should I refer you as Dawn Yeo or Dawn Yang nowadays? Or it doesn't really matter for your name is nothing but a representation of a glorious idea that can appear in all kinds of manifestations and that Dawn Yang or Dawn Yeo is everyone, you, me, him, her, them etc.?) had nice things to say about V For Vendetta. Man... maybe Justin and I are really the only ones in the world underwhelmed by it...

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