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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Vertical Distance short film shoot begins

The Cast and Crew of Vertical Distance

Here's a photo taken after we finished Day 1 of our shoot. Vertical Distance, as I've mentioned before, is a romantic comedy about a neurotic young man, Devin, who happens to have small man syndrome, and is facing all kinds of pressures by going out with a girl who is taller than he is. The whole thing is like Wong Kar Wai meets Scrubs meets Annie Hall and any other Woody Allen films that feature Woody Allen's neurosis.

One of the finest aspects of this production is the fact that my main actors are best friends, thus the chemistry between them are pretty dazzling even though we only shot two scenes today. Rehearsing sessions are pretty encouraging though. And I got to use VTL for the very first time, and it seemed to work well.

Things are going to be pretty hectic (we plan to finish everything within 4 days), but I'll keep you all updated with the photos I've taken.

(and hopefully, I can write my Hayao Miyazaki piece when I'm free)