Video: Gathering At Ming Tien, Malaysia's Most Beautiful Food Court!

Well, once again, I am here, as a good citizen, and Malaysia's premiere vlogger, to promote the beauty of my country via videos. I did that with my tribute to the greatest shopping mall of my country, and I will now shed light to Ming Tien, a wondrous food court that's opened for 24 hours a day, where all kinds of food await for your exploration. An ultimate hangout place, a place where huge screens are placed around for people to watch football games, fortune tellers, merchants and many others have their stalls set up to ply their trade.

Yes, the place is paradise. Beautiful women lurk about, waiting for young and dashing filmmakers like me to seek them out for some groundbreaking artistic collaboration, hoping to become part of my legend. I shot this video during a gathering with some of my ex-classmates from PRIMARY SCHOOL (yes, we still keep in touch, which is pretty amazing, despite the fact that we all left ten years ago). This video is pretty short, and due to the time of the day, the image quality was pretty bad (too grainy, I couldn't do much to save it), so it doesn't do Ming Tien justice. Miss those days when I was back in Perth, and I had access to those Canon XM-1's and XL-1's. But basically, this short video is just a memento of sorts for those who attended the gathering, and also to let those who couldn't make it see what the hell happened (not much, we just sat there and did a lot of catching up).

The music is downloaded from CCmixter, this wonderful site featuring Creative Commons-protected audio tracks since I'm going to cease using copyrighted music for most of my videos (it's difficult though *sigh*). Amusingly, the singer said that this song is about being in an unhappy relationship and not wanting to change anything. Well, I guess it doesn't matter as long as you don't understand the language.

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