Video: My Love Letter To One Utama, Best Shopping Mall In Malaysia.

Gargantuan megamalls are one of those things that are conspicuously missing in Perth. While I am barely a shopaholic, shopping malls tend to be a favoured hangout place for me, either to watch a film at the multiplexes, or to meet up with friends for coffee, or perhaps just to pick up the latest PS2 games. All these can be done under one roof. Such experiences are sorely missed when I was in Perth. (especially the part about buying cheap pirated games)

Despite the numerous popular megamalls that are situated over at my place, my personal favourite had always been One Utama (I am surprised to see that it has a Wikipedia entry!!!). Probably because it is nearest to my place. The great KLCC, situated between the famed Petronas Twin Towers, had always felt too alien and cold to me, a place reserved more for tourists eager to witness the exoticism of the fusion culture in Malaysia. The Midvalley Megamall is too claustophobic, despite its dizzyingly massive size (perhaps that is the main reason). And Sunway Pyramid, situated right next to the popular Sunway Lagoon theme park? Nah, too far away for me. And not that much for me to see either.

One Utama, on the other hand, is just right. Not the biggest, not the fanciest, but the most comfortable for me. A home away from home! That's where I conduct most of my meetings with friends whenever I return to Malaysia, or watch most of my films.

The following video is my love letter to this great shopping mall. It was shot and edited early last year (during Chinese New Year), before I returned to Perth, so it lacks the visual flair I've managed to develop since then. In fact, it's pretty weak compared to most of the other vlog by me that you've seen (... if you've ever bothered). However, it IS about One Utama, so yeah, it still OOZES with sincerity. So forgive the mediocrity of the video.

(Of course, besides One Utama, this video also features the Woh Fung restaurant situated at Paramount Garden, which is really near my house.)


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