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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Introducing 'Girl Disconnected'

The title of my upcoming film project is Girl Disconnected. I came up with the concept and story during last semester's screenwriting class, then wrote the final screenplay few weeks ago when I was in Malaysia for the mid-year break.

A tale of unrequited love, yearning, sacrifice, and embracing lost memories, Girl Disconnected is about a girl who flew to the moon searching for her love. Accompanied by her loyal best friend, encountering numerous obstacles along the way, the journey becomes one of self-discovery and unexpected revelations.

This is my biggest production to date, with the film's running time probably being approximately 15 to 20 minutes, much longer than any of my previous works (neither of my three previous shorts are more than seven minutes long). Of course, I'm also working with a much larger production crew (crew member count for A Boring Story and Vertical Distance: 1, crew member count for Vertical Distance: 4, crew member count for Girl Disconnected: Possibly more than 10).

For such a tale, it has to be visually beautiful, hence I enlisted the help of Brian Koh, a hotly sought-after cinematographer in uni who had won numerous awards for his previous works, and Christine Busby, one of university's star producers responsible for producing this year's school advertisement and promo videos. The latter's involvement is invaluable as her expertise also lies in costume and art design, being an active member of the anime community.

For the numerous special effects sequences in the film (despite being a low budget fare, it's still a fantastical story that takes place on the moon), I had been recommended by my lecturer to get a special effects team of four (found two, still need another two) to aid me. Hopefully, they will help enhance the storytelling.

Anyway, the past week is spent mostly on preparations and assembling the production team, tweaking a little with the screenplay and meeting with some lecturers about the film. I'll be going to the University of Western Australia for location scouting (some scenes will be shot there). Watch out for the photos I'm going to post.