Video: Catholic High School's 50th Anniversary Carnival

Catholic High School was my high school. It just had a carnival on the 1st of July to celebrate its 50th anniversary. My little sister, who studies there, had volunteered to aid the Counseling Club in tending their food stall. Hence my family and I had to go there to lend us our moral support.

These high school carnivals can be quite emotionally-wrecking and energy-sapping, I remembered when I was president of the English Club and we were given the thankless task of setting up a booth to sell English newspapers, beneath the hot glaring sun, before disdainful glances and spiteful sneers, constantly hearing unjust complains and baseless accusations. Are you imagining something with ferris wheels, carousels and fire-eating clowns who somersault in mid-air? Unfortunately, they didn't have that.

Walking into the familiar buildings of my high school, which I left half a decade ago, I was struck by how different some things had become, whilst surprised by how some other things could still remain the same. I walked amongst students and alumni of the school, barely recognizing any, or being recognized at all, until surprisingly, I ran into a few old friends (watch the end of the video).

I was there for only a while, thus there wasn't much that I could film. But at least some of you can have a look at my former high school.

Music is 'La Gitarra' by Click.

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