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Friday, July 21, 2006

What Danny Lim Has To Say About Swifty's 18? Meme

I've returned to Perth.

The responses to the Danny Lim's 18? Meme started couple of days ago were very encouraging, as numerous bloggers have taken the opportunity to voice what they have to think about the documentary short and the possible factors that may have contributed to this (THANK YOU VERY MUCH!). Hope this will continue!

The following is an email exchange between filmmaker Danny Lim and I yesterday, just so some of you will know what the filmmaker of this documentary himself has to say about the meme.

Dear Danny,

I'm Edmund Yeo, a student filmmaker currently studying in Perth. After the whole incident with 18? and Seoul Film Festival, I've started a blog meme few days ago in order to help spread the awareness of your documentary to as many bloggers and blog readers as possible, and I'm happy to say that many have responded by posting an entry related to your documentary.

A member in the malaysian-cinema mailing list had asked whether I've actually had your permission to start this, or, er, whether you are aware of it, and it prompted me to write an email to you as it would be rather rude to keep you uninformed regarding this meme. I hope you're okay with it.

Feel free to tell me what you think. Hope to hear from you soon.


Hi Edmund,

The graffiti itself is a meme that was sprayed and spread without 'asking for permission'.

18? has no copyright and anyone can make copies of it and do as they wish, no permission necessary.

In this regard, what you choose to disseminate through your own blog surely requires no approval other than from yourself.



Therefore, please don't hesitate, feel free to participate in the Danny Lim's 18? meme even though you weren't tagged by me, prove to me what an idiot I was for not tagging you, the future of a nation's independent cinema lies in your hands.