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Friday, August 04, 2006

Ssunday Seoul 썬데이 서울

Ssunday Seoul 썬데이 서울 is an omnibus film consisting three different stories. And well, I got it because it means getting three films for the price of one, and I vaguely remembered it being reviewed by Lovehkfilm.com and Koreanfilm.org. Unfortunately, what I forgot was that both reviews were rather negative.

The first story is called 'Teen Wolf', which is similar to Michael J Fox's same-titled film in the 80s, but without the fun and badass basketball scenes, and with LOTS and LOTS of sheer angsty Korean melodrama (boohoo, everyone treats him like dirt, boohoo, oh, he finds out he's a werewolf, which means that he cannot attain his dream girl, waaaah!). It was annoying, but the babe was hot, so I continued watching.

Sunday Sseoul

The second story is 'The Visitor', which has this serial killer entering a creepy-looking house, and murdering people. To his horror, the family ain't as they seem. How unexpected. But the daughter in the family MAY have been hot (think she was a Miss Korea contestant), but because she was seldom in focus, I sat through the film hoping to get a good glimpse of her, I never did... which made me even more pissed.

The third story is 'Young Blood Tae-Poong', which is much lauded by Lovehkfilm, a homage/parody of martial arts films from Shaw Brothers. Thankfully, this one's rather funny, and is somewhat similar to Justin's satirical Asia: The Movie screenplay. A guy wants to avenge the death of his dad at the hands of an evil rival (shown in hilariously angst-filled flashback), thus he goes learn martial arts from a kungfu master, and falls in love with kungfu master's daughter. Lots of training montage ensue. Western audiences will see its resemblances with those Kill Bill films. Not as great as Lovehkfilm made it out to be, but definitely the best among the three.