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Friday, August 04, 2006

The First Production Meeting for GIRL DISCONNECTED

Finally had our very first production meeting in the afternoon to finalize the roles in the production team of Girl Disconnected, my upcoming film. (read my previous production diary entry for info)

I'm the director.

Brian Koh is the cinematographer/ director of photography as initially planned.

Christine Busby will be the art director, involved in overseeing the design of production sets and costumes. Being very active in the anime community, and forging numerous connections after being involved in producing the university's promo video and advertisement, she has numerous contacts for these tasks.

The production manager in charge of the paperwork (she can be considered also as the producer and the assistant director) and production report is a Malaysian girl called Yun Chin. Very quiet and diligent.

That's it. The four core team members. Postproduction (as in the editing and such) is my own personal area of interest (Brian and Christine's too), therefore an editor ain't needed.

Things that sprang up from the meeting:

- A fundraising event may be held for Girl Disconnected as we need some budget for it to do the film's production values justice.

- May consider getting sponsorship from some university clubs, or any generous soul willing to spare us some money, if necessary.

- I'm also considering whether to have a sound person in the group, or should we experiment with this ourselves during postproduction.

- What is definitely needed is someone in charge of the digital effects. Perhaps an animator. A recruitment is a necessity.

On the other hand, two days ago, I've just gone location hunting with Brian the Cinematographer at the beautiful University of Western Australia. (some scenes I wrote in the script were actually inspired by its locations) May post up a brief video of our misadventures.

Also been watching some video podcast at Foureyedmonsters.com (after reading about them in a magazine, can't remember whether it was Wired, which I regularly buy, or something else). It's an indie film done by a young couple chronicling their relationship, and they attempted to distribute the film using the new media. Like promoting their film via the videoblog (really good stuff with great music, not your usual boring crap), having a Myspace page and many other things. A review of Four Eyed Monsters from Variety can be viewed heretar. Here's an interview with Susan Brice and Arin Crumley, makes of Four Eyed Monsters. Though the chances of me ever watching the actual film are low (until it finally gets an international distribution deal, which is rather likely, I guess), the video podcasts ARE very compelling.

I hope I can keep readers here just as updated regarding the production of Girl Disconnected.

Now, back to doing some revisions on the screenplay.