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Thursday, August 10, 2006

My short film Vertical Distance is shown to new film students in Murdoch university!

It all happened yesterday evening as I was walking out of my flat to attend the Perth premiere of Australian film 2:37 (will post about this in great detail on my next entry) when I ran into an acquaintance (our more appropriate relationship would be... he is the boyfriend of a friend's friend) who attended the screening of my short film, Vertical Distance (screenshots here) last semester. The conversation was like this:

Him: Hey man.
Me: Heya!
Him: You know this short film you did last semester? The one with Jiyoung's (a Korean friend of mine) cameo in it?
Me: Vertical Distance?
Him: Yeah! It was shown in a Screen Production 1 class last week.
Me: Eh? What for?
Him: As an example of a good short film.
Me: Whoa!
During film classes in uni, teachers usually put up some exemplary short films from previous semesters as an example for new students. It's always like a challenge to these aspiring filmmakers, "You want good grades? Aim to do as good, or better than this short film!"

Whoa again. Rendered speechless.