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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

VIDEO: Family Vacation in Shanghai 2005

Family vacation in Shanghai 2005

This video is shot during my vacation with my family in Shanghai more than a year ago (sometime during early December 2005, but I can't remember what was the exact date). I'm actually going to Shanghai again early next January, so I was suddenly compelled to finish editing this video today. I actually had an older version which I did two months ago using the editing suites in my university, prior to editing my last short film, Girl Disconnected. But the older version was more than 8 minutes long, and it bored my sister to death, so I assumed that uploading that would do the same to my dear loyal readers, hence, the re-edit. The resolution of the video should be higher than most of the other videos I've posted here (since the video transfer was done using the comps in uni, not my own laptop... I didn't get myself a Firewire cable until two days ago... unbelievable)

ZhouzhuangThe majority of the video is shot at Zhouzhuang, which is a watertown known as the 'Venice in China' (or was it 'Venice in Shanghai'? Not sure...). The very same place Mission Impossible 3 was shot. Yeap, if you've seen the (very underrated) film, you'll recognize this place from the final scenes of it. That great long take where Tom Cruise was running through the place, pass the people and everything to find his wife (or was it to detonate a bomb? I can't remember...).

My sister was pretty sick that day in Zhouzhuang, thus she seemed like a walking corpse. I think I had a bit of flu, thus my enjoyment there was slightly diminished too. Quite a pity.

Music I used is Alvorada, which was used in both the Nacho Libre and City of God soundtracks. Yes, I used a Samba song for a video shot in China, I'm incredible.