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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

VIDEOS: Old Jazz Band At Peace Hotel, Shanghai... The Oldest Jazz Band In The World?

I went to the Peace Hotel two nights ago to watch the Old Jazz Band, which, according to Peace Hotel's webpage, is one of the most famous jazz bands in Shanghai. They have also performed for (from the webpage) former USA president Mr. Carter and Mr.Reagan,the French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin,the Australian Prime Minister Paul Kyten, the Hollend Prime Minister Viam Kirk. And the presidents from Italy, Portugal, Israel, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico.

I myself saw a photo they took with Bill and Hillary Clinton hanging on the walls.

The average age of the band members is above 75, I heard from my parents that two members had retired last year because they were nearing 90. (My parents and sis had watched their performance before in an earlier visit back in 2005)

It was a pretty interesting performance, I was amazed by the fact that they could still play the drums and trumpets despite their advanced age.

I had my camcorder with me (of course) and managed to shoot four music pieces they performed. I couldn't recognize the first two, but the latter two were In The Mood and Besame Mucho.

They first two seemed like warm-up sessions for them, then they got more hardcore with the latter two performances, the audiences, understandably, grew more excited too.

I wonder whether there are any other jazz bands in the world with older members than these guys?

Would appreciate it if anyone can name the titles of the songs in the first two videos.

First performance by Old Jazz Band

Second performance by Old Jazz Band

Old Jazz Band performing 'In The Mood'

Old Jazz Band performing 'Besame Mucho'