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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Girl Disconnected Screening At Malaysian Shorts, March 2007 Edition.

Wiler (played by Justin) Reaching For Maya (Sarah Corbyn)

I'm back from Singapore!

My short film, Girl Disconnected had been chosen for screening at the March 2007 edition of Malaysian Shorts!

DATE: 19th of March, 2007
TIME: 8pm


I'll be there for the Q & A session, although if I really get the chance to speak, I'll try not to babble as much as I did during last month's Filmmakers' Anonymous 2 (I was, ah, both excited and nervous at the same time then, being its Malaysian premiere and all, you see).

For the whole line-up of that night, I'll copy and paste directly from Amir Muhammad's message I got from the Malaysian Cinema mailing list.

* Vote for your 3 favourite shorts of the night!

curated by Bernard Chauly

10 shorts (out of 26 entries):

1. HELLO GOODBYE (Chi Too / 2007 / Malaysia / 5m29s
The short takes the cue from 'Parallel Lines', a song by King of Convenience.

* Chi Too is a talented young director whose spiritual home is also in Indo-China, specifically Laos. He has screened several times in the Malaysian Shorts programme.

2. WESTBOUND (Kubhaer T. Jethwani / 2007 / Malaysia / 18m)
Suren is rushing from Kuantan to Kuala Lumpur for a casting role. He would be perfect for it, save for the fact that he doesn't speak Mandarin and that his car broke down. What next?

* Kubhaer Jethwani, 25, is an Assistant Director doing commercial. He was originally part of AKSHEN, a young theatre collective that created waves a few years ago. Westbound is Kubhaer's 1st short and was a finalist at the recent BMW Shorties.

3. VROOM-VROOM & BOOT-BOOT (Law Gwo Yunn / 2007 / Malaysia / 5m10s)
It was love at first sight for both Boot-Boot, a Vespa and Vroom-Vroom, a BMW. Alas, their owners drove separate ways. . .

* Law Gwo Yunn is a freelance Production designer / Art Director.

4. GIRL DISCONNECTED (Edmund Yeo / 2006/ Australia-Malaysia / 14m)
A young woman takes a train to the moon to seek her Internet love. She is accompanied by her platonic male buddy/ sidekick who secretly loves her. Throughout their journey, they meet all sorts of strange denizens of the moon.

* Initially a self-taught filmmaker, Edmund Yeo ended up taking a Graduate
Diploma course on Media Production during his last year in Perth after finishing
his degree for the sake of sharpening his skills and fulfilling a lifelong

5. RODA-RODA (Akashdeep Singh / 2007 / Malaysia / 1m41s)
Something seen outside the car window puts the journey in a different perspective.

* Akashdeep Singh's two previous shorts, The Wait and Pintu, were audience favourites at the last two editions of Malaysian Shorts.

6. BAS AJAIB (Adam Raslan / 2005 / Malaysia / 6m)
Everyone needs a little magic in their lives.

* Adam Raslan hails from Pontian, Johor.

7. IDIOT NATION (Tan Meng Yoe / 2007 / Malaysia / 9m)
Idiot Nation is set in fictional Faltasia and takes place during the peak of the general election season. The four remaining candidates, including the incumbent, have a chance to address the nation on television, live.

* Tan Meng Yoe is a communications graduate from Monash University Malaysia who adores mainstream blockbuster movies, reads comic books in huge doses, and indulges in all things mass-related.

8. MINUS (Chris Chong Chan Fui / 2000-2003 / Canada-Malaysia / 3m)
Hand processed film (16mm) created to experiment and test the core of light and composition.

* Chris Chong studied in Canada but is originally from Sabah. Tuesday Be My Friend, one of his more recent shorts, won Best Film Prize at the Goethe Institute Short Film
Competition 2006.

9. KONGSI DALAM GELAP (Melissa Saila / 2007 / Malaysia / 11m20s)
What happens when two people are trapped in a unit? Bare confessions and truth meet when two strangers share the same fate. Where are they? Will their newfound mission take off?

* Melissa Saila is no stranger to Malaysian screen or stage
as an actress. Men In Darkness is her directorial debut and was a finalist at
the inaugural BMW Shorties.

10. K-HOLE (Zahir B. Omar / 2007 / Malaysia / 16m)
Mobility - the ability to move from one place to another, a journey. Mobility comes in two forms. Voluntary mobility where you are in full control of the situation and choice of destinations; and involuntary mobility when you are still on a journey, but are totally stripped of any decisions or opinions.

* Zahir Omar, 24, is a freelance commercials director. K-Hole recently won the Jury Prize of the inaugural BMW Shorties competition and walked away with the RM50,000 prize. The theme of the competition was Mobility.

Established in 2002, Malaysian Shorts is the premiere platform to showcase the newest works from students, animators and indie filmmakers in Malaysia. In fact, some of the most well-known names of Malaysian independent cinema, like Amir Muhammad, Tan Chui Mui and James Lee have had their short films showcased here before (check out the list of short films and winners of previous editions). Hence I was pretty thrilled when I found out that Girl Disconnected was selected for this.

Noticed that the majority of the listed short films were entries for the recent BMW Shorties competition, will be interesting to see what they are like.

So yeah, if you happen to be free on Monday night... well, you know where to go. :D

The screenshots of Girl Disconnected were recently used on a Malay Mail article about Filmmakers Anonymous 2.